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We believe that uncertainty always comes before growth, that change is just another word for opportunity, and that the antidote to fear is inspiration.

We believe in the indomitable spirit of a community united.

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The 2021 Speakers Series x

For eight weeks last spring, we brought you an inspirational speaker series, curated and collected by our friends at Midwest Speakers Bureau. We promised you a new perspective and a little inspiration to carry you through each week, and from the feedback of the thousands of participants, we delivered! In 2021, we are back with a new lineup packed with some of the top motivational speakers in the country! The platform has been designed to provide inspiration in the midst of uncertainty and practical tools to help you navigate new situations. Our hope is that this bridge will make you laugh and smile, fill you with hope and knowledge, and give you the confidence and support to conquer the year ahead.

As we embark on 2021, we are reminded that there is strength in unity and that even the toughest challenges can be overcome with the right tools and team. In the years we’ve spent supporting the mental health of our community, we’ve learned that historic achievement is simply the aggregation of many small steps. So we invite you to join us, as we tip-toe, step and stride into the new year.

Mary Kelly, PhD

FEBRUARY 3 | The six stages of crisis response and strategies for shifting to a mindset of proactive creativity.

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Curtis Hill

FEBRUARY 17 | Transformed drug dealer and gang member turned educator/administrator shares lessons in overcoming adversity.

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Sarah Noll Wilson

MARCH 3 | Diagnosed with a panic disorder and ADHD in her 30s, Sarah shares her humorous and inspirational journey of self-discovery.

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Claudia Schabel

MARCH 17 | Strategies to develop and leverage workplace diversity with tools to uncover unconscious biases.

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Devin Henderson

MARCH 31 | Award-winning comedian, magician, and father of six daughters shares how to use a “possibility mindset” to rise through unexpected challenges.

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John Register

APRIL 14 | Four-time All American, decorated Gulf War Army veteran, amputee, and Paralympic medalist speaks on “hurdling adversity.”

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Support our Programs x

All of the programs being offered by Mindspring Mental Health Alliance are being provided without cost to our community. However, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we exist based on the generosity of our supporters. If you have enjoyed our programming and have the means available, we invite you to consider supporting Mindspring Mental Health Alliance with a tax-deductible contribution.

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Workshops x

Delivering comprehensive outreach and live education programming is the heart of our mission. Our goal is to ensure that mental health services and supports are readily accessible to everyone in need. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve developed a series of educational courses created specifically for the issues facing our community. We’ve transformed the way these programs are delivered by launching new virtual sessions to improve accessibility and maximize community impact.

Mindspring Mental Health Alliance is committed to providing these programs to community members at no cost.

Grants and charitable donations support the costs of these courses. United Way of Central Iowa, Polk County, Prairie Meadows, Optimae LifeServices, Broadlawns Medical Center, the Mid-Iowa Health Foundation & Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, along with contributions from individual and family donors.

Together we are building a future of recovery, respect and opportunity for our community. We couldn’t do it without you.

Understanding Anxiety

Occasional anxiety is an expected part of life. But anxiety disorders involve more than temporary worry. An accessible guide to understanding causation, symptoms, co-occurring disorders and treatment options. Includes practical tips for managing symptoms and helping others.

Problem Solving

Confronting problems can be challenging. Heightened emotionality, irrational thinking, impaired judgment, impulsivity, and distorted perceptions interfere with our ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Learn strategies for effective problem solving and conflict management in this one hour session.

Managing Stress

The term ‘stress’ is used loosely in our culture. What does it really mean and how vulnerable are you? Understand the biology of stress and identify realistic and effective ways to manage it.

Creating a Low Stress Environment

Knowing how to identify and respond to signs that a mental health condition is emerging is critical to improving outcomes for everyone involved. Learn strategies to define clear expectations and maintain a calm atmosphere.

Self-Care and the Impact of Mental Illness

The complicated nature of mental illnesses can make living or working with a person experiencing a mental illness especially taxing. These relationships can also have a negative impact on your own mental health. Learn strategies to respond to problem behaviors, set boundaries, and manage your own stress.

Communication Do's and Don'ts

Understanding how mental illness impacts thinking and behavior helps us to reduce frustration and stress, and improves outcomes for everyone. Learn simple tools to manage conflict and express feelings constructively.

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