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Kevin Kush

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Coach Kevin Kush arrived at Boys Town in 1996, the high school football team at the home for troubled and at-risk youth had gone winless the previous year. The team is comprised of youth who have academic, behavior, and emotional problems and whose stay at the home averages only 18 months. Many have never played organized sports.

Despite these challenges, Coach Kush found ways to organize, teach, and motivate his players to improve and ultimately win. In his 21 year career, Kevin compiled a remarkable record of 164 wins and just 55 defeats. Thirteen of those teams finished in the Top 10 in the state of Nebraska at season’s end!

Coach Kush explains his dynamic strategies for motivating individual improvement on the field, and in life.

“A PIECE OF THE PUZZLE”Eight Traits of a Quality TEAMMATE 

How well do members of your team work together? Are you a smooth, well-oiled machine or a fractured collection of in-it-for-yourself individuals? Coach Kush spent 21 years as the head football coach at Boys Town, a residential facility for at-risk-youth in Omaha, Neb., and developed a remarkable record with young men who were being given their last chance at life. Winning at life was more important than winning on the field, and Coach Kush helped them to achieve both. In a straightforward, no-excuses style, Kush discusses eight traits that can turn any group or organization into a cohesive, high-performing team. His passion for performance is contagious and will help lead your team to greater productivity and success!

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of embracing the “team” concept
  • How selfless behavior contributes to the success of the team
  • Key strategies for handling adversity
  • Tips for dealing with change
  • Why feedback is your friend
  • The impact your energy level has on the team
  • The components of being accountable

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