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Charlie Wittmack

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When things get difficult, it’s time to think small, not big – focus your goals on items that are right in front of you, and start to build some momentum with success. Big challenges happen through the aggregation of small steps.

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Charlie Wittmack is a renowned adventurer, a global health ambassador, and sought after attorney who represents clients across the country and throughout the world. As an adventurer, Charlie is best known for being the first person in history to complete the World Triathlon – an 8,000-mile triathlon that stretches from rural England to the summit of Mount Everest. He has climbed Everest (twice), swum the English Channel, and was the first American to have done both. He has stood atop peaks on six continents, completed marathon swims around the world, trekked across East Africa with the Maasai tribesmen, and sailed the Indian Ocean in a handmade boat.

As a global health ambassador, Charlie works with creative and ambitious startups and large multinational charities including the American Cancer Society and Save The Children. His major efforts have included providing cancer care to the underserved in Tanzania, delivering pediatric cardiology services to children in Ethiopia, and expanding access to nurse-midwife services in Nepal.

Stories of his expeditions and global health missions have appeared in the popular press around the world.  ESPN won two Eppy awards for a series of stories that featured Wittmack’s World Triathlon. He has appeared in more than 100 newspapers across the United States and major publications including Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal, and Outside Magazine.

Despite his many adventures, Charlie’s primary responsibilities are to his law practice, where he serves as a civil litigator and corporate counsel and strategist. Two of his litigation matters were recently featured in the New York Times and Washington Post. On the corporate side, he is focused on scaling high-growth companies, that range small start-ups to a recent private equity transaction valued at over $600 million.

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