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  • 05

    Mary Kelly, PhD

    FEBRUARY 3 | The six stages of crisis response and strategies for shifting to a mindset of proactive creativity.

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  • 04

    Curtis Hill

    FEBRUARY 17 | Transformed drug dealer and gang member turned educator/administrator shares lessons in overcoming adversity.

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  • 03

    Sarah Noll Wilson

    MARCH 3 | Diagnosed with a panic disorder and ADHD in her 30s, Sarah shares her humorous and inspirational journey of self-discovery.

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  • 02

    Claudia Schabel

    MARCH 17 | Strategies to develop and leverage workplace diversity with tools to uncover unconscious biases.

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  • 01

    Devin Henderson

    MARCH 31 | Award-winning comedian, magician, and father of six daughters shares how to use a "possibility mindset" to rise through unexpected challenges.

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  • 31

    John Register

    APRIL 14 | Four-time All American, decorated Gulf War Army veteran, amputee, and Paralympic medalist speaks on "hurdling adversity."

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